For thousands of years, a decadent empire has lain quiet and forgotten beneath fair Varisia. Now at long last, its tumbledown ruins thrum with cruel power, insidious agents whisper in the ears of the great and the greedy, and giant drums of war echo from the Storval mountains.

It is lucky then that a group of adventurers from across Golarion all happened into bustling Sandpoint in time to stop a minor goblin raid — and the embittered priestess plotting the town’s ruin soon thereafter.

Hailed as heroes, they stopped the murderous rampage of the Skinsaw Man, a mad noble whose cursed heritage led them to mighty Magnimar. There, they uncovered a killer cult whose membership and murderous ambitions reached to the peaks of local power.

Now the Lord Mayor of Magnimar has sent the Heroes of Sandpoint to Turtleback Ferry, to discover the fate of the Black Arrow rangers who long kept the area beneath Skull Crossing safe from Ogres.

On victims of goblin and cultist alike they have found the stink of greed and the seven-pointed star of Thassilon. Once now, they have seen an ancient Runewell, alive with magic. Someone in Varisia is honoring greed, the Great Sin of Xin-Shallast and its long-dead Runelord, Karzoug.

But to learn more of this plot, the Heroes of Sandpoint must defend the Varisian hinterlands from the degenerate viciousness of the Hook Mountain ogres.

Rise of the Runelords

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