Rise of the Runelords

All out of gum

After tickling the sea monster until she finally decided to depart, we had little time to gather our things before heading to the dam. It had somehow sustained significant damage to its structural integrity, as well as having all its valves mysteriously shut off. Onward we charged up the mountain.

A few of us tumbled down some stairs.

On the way we discovered a natural cave in which two ettin had set up shop. We dispatched with them, and then proceeded to tumble down some more stairs. I’m really quite glad nobody from the town could actually see us.

Reaching the dam we found it to be under siege by a large group of ogres, most likely from the Hook. For whatever reason they were intent on very slowly breaking the structure apart, although that order likely had to come from somewhere else, as an indirect assault on Turtleback Ferry would not provide them with opportunity for rape and pillage.

We kill them.

Inside the dam, where the control.s should be, we find a group of trolls. They looked worn and weary, and showed evidence of having fought the group of ogres we’d just vanquished. However, they’d clearly decided to take up residence in our dam. That just wouldn’t do.

We killed them too.

Poor sops, they knew it was coming and everything; not a damn thing they could do about it.


Foxcalibur JDizzle

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