Rise of the Runelords

Dam of the Damned

This is why I can’t leave them alone: I return from errands to find Turtleback Ferry flooded, the rest of the group traipsing up to that monstrosity of a dam, leaving a trail of carnage in their wake, and what do we find when we get up there? A sociable water troll and an imprisoned demon – or devil; I can never remember which is which – being used as a magical power source for the flood gates.

It’s like my life was written out by a crazy person. But it’s interesting, to say the very least.

Thankfully the troll wasn’t much of an issue. He seemed content enough to let us explore, but gods be damned if he didn’t scare the life out of me popping out of the water like he did after I opened those doors at the bottom of the pool. I was really not in the mood to spoil for a fight, but it would have been interesting to see how an aquatic beastie would’ve responded to my shock starknife.

The cleric seems to have found the source of the curse affecting people via the water supply, which evidently was something that was happening thanks to Lucrecia. The heptagram block was removed from its conduit and thus our problems were solved…until we found the “engine room”, such as it was, for the dam. Turns out it runs on demon power. A pair of engraved circles held one rather pathetic infernal and one pile of very nonthreatening dust, which evidently at one point held the brother of the remaining monstrosity.

He informed us that the circles constantly drained power from whomever was trapped inside in order to control the floodgates and regulate the level of the lake behind the dam. He also informed us that he wanted out, bad, and now. He promised that by leaving he would spend the next 10,000 years recovering, no strings attached. Seemed fair, particularly for a deal with a literal devil, but Nolan had other ideas. The gunslinger decided to offer himself up, step in the circle which activated the floodgates, and promptly dusted the demon.

I shall remember to leave Nolan out of all future negotiations.

It seems that the dam is a rather simple problem to solve: place something that can be drained within the circles and their magic will leech off of that as a power source. The life of a sentient being is merely one option, and whatever is in a circle can be easily swapped out provided something or someone is available to take its place. That did mean that Nolan was stuck for the night, but he had the rest of the group to keep him company. I found it a better use of my time to head back to Turtleback and report in to the mayor in the dignified comfort of an inn.

Plans were made, the dam is controllable, and thus we were left to our own devices for a few days. I felt that exploring the woods was a good way to keep from getting bored to tears, and lo what did I find but our last Black Arrow Ranger in need of some company. Two is more interesting than one, so we patrolled until we found a group of trappers enjoying squirrel by a campfire and unsettling news. Word was that the fae folk in Shimmerglens were straying into the sane world and causing no small number of problems. Problems that I wanted no part of; faeries don’t play by the rules, and I don’t like it when someone other than me is breaking them.

This was something worth reporting, mostly to get someone else to handle it, so Vale and I headed back to Ft. Rannick only to see that discussions were already underway to start an assault on Hook Mountain itself. I think Nolan suggested “blowing it up.”

Now that I would truly love to see.


Foxcalibur Xian

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