Rise of the Runelords

Hellewise's Diary - Turtleback Ferry

An ogre ambush

Rain. Why did it have to be rain? This day has not gone as I planned. I should know better than to set up any expectations with this group.

I’m learning that ogres are not as dumb as I thought. They knew about our attack on the Kreegs. Of course they did. Stupid, stupid. The fire we set alerted them and they set up an ambush. We fought back their scout and the ogrekin she brought along. The new shadow mage’s pet proved quite useful in the fight. It could have gone much worse without him. Two of the rangers were captured. Vale and Shalelu managed to escape, but barely. Jakardros and Kaven were not so lucky and were taken captive.

We had to return to Turtle Back Ferry. We saw smoke and knew it couldn’t be good. After a fight with several more ogres I thought we’d get a few hours to regroup but miss White Knight Astrid decided we should chase after a bunch of ogres who are probably half way to hell by now. It’s not that I like the idea of those women being raped to death in the woods, but the odds of us catching them in time are inarguably low. Alas, I’ve lived with Astrid long enough to know that arguing with her is fruitless in these matters.

(Hastily written notes at the bottom of the page, ink slightly running from raindrops)

  • Kaven – Traitor? Prevented patrol from getting back in time, has now been “captured”
  • Jakardros – Shalelu’s adopted father, seems cowardly for a ranger but human emotions are strange sometimes
  • Vale – Seems sincere so far, but could possibly be the traitor, hard to read


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