Rise of the Runelords

Lizards & Lamias

I’ve never cared much for ogres. Big, smelly, cause a lot of problems… While not exactly a verminous species I’d go out of my way to mess with, this ogre “fortress” poses a threat to Turtleback Ferry, and I don’t like threats on investments. Besides, it’s been a good long time since I’ve done anything like a raid, and it would feel good to sneak around in a place where I don’t have to contend with “law enforcement.”

Reaching the fortress proved no problem; indeed, sneaking in via a hidden cave behind a waterfall was delightful, ripped straight from a storybook, even if Murdock ferried most of the party in. Less delightful were the shock lizards waiting for us. I had no desire to be the center of an electric storm, so I thought it best to let everyone else handle the critters. I don’t much care for a fight that is unfair…to me, at least.

It was a great pleasure to smoke them out of their nests in the cave, and I can only imagine the havoc they’re causing for the ogres for the ones who aren’t roasting alive in the barracks we set on fire.

Less pleasurable was that woman waiting for us in the prison. Oh, she seemed nice enough at first, and it was kind of her to take my tools as she led me back to a cell with one of the missing rangers. Now that the charm has worn off, I hope to repay her kindness…once I take care of my new dancing partner in this blasted cell.


Foxcalibur Xian

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