Rise of the Runelords

Walking the path

Since we’ve gotten to this backwards burg, we’ve been messing up. We were sent in to see about a fort. One little fort out in the middle of ogre country, because setting up townships in the area seemed like a really good idea at the time, apparently. We’ve allowed ourselves to underestimate them because they sound like idiots. We’ve allowed our feelings to get the better of us because we were not prepared for how belligerent our enemy would be. The ogres only know evil, its all they do and it paints their world view. To them we must be the ones who are insane, and trying to destroy their way of life. To beat them, we’ve got to be willing to stain our hands as dark as theirs, and harden our hearts lest they become a liability. We need to be as cruel and savage as they. We need to cut away the things which they hold dear, and offer no quarter.

It seems we finally are.

What I know of the past days events I got second hand, and so I offer it to you as a third.

Darian had been trying to convince the preacher that running off after those women was a foolish idea, and I followed suit. We agreed to a compromise of sorts, the preacher still wanted to try for the girls, even knowing it was a trap. So him, Astrid, and uh… whats her face? The elf. Hellewise. I knew that! You tryina’ say I didn’t know that? Anyway, they ran off after the captured women.

When they caught up to the kidnappers, the ogres immediately went to kill off their charges, presumably to lighten their burden. See that’s exactly what I mean. These fiends seem stupid, but they’ve been playing us like fiddles all along! Damn.

Anyway, they fought it out. Two of the women were slain, but Hook-Maw has moved on to the pit, (long may he burn.) I understand it was quite the ruckus, draining most of their resources. Point is, though, they made it back and killed some scum in the process, so it wasn’t a total loss.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…


Darian and I had a party of our own in town. A cadre of ogrekin descended on the town, and asked that we step aside so they could pillage in our absence. We didn’t step aside.

We developed a new plan after regrouping. Come hell or high water we’re going to take back fort Ranek, or at least take as many of them down with us as we can. The good citizens of Turtle Back will make with all due haste for the next town over while we do so. We simply can’t guarantee their safety and take Ranek at the same time, something had to give. I know this is a hard choice for the group, but it has to be done. Following our better nature so far has only allowed the ogres to take advantage of us. No more. We won’t be pushed back even one inch further.

As a man greater than I once said, sometimes you have to roll the hard six.


Foxcalibur Foxcalibur

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