Class changes

Herein you will find any and all house rules that alter (“buff” or “nerf”) the abilities of character classes in Rise of the Runelords. Note that these also apply to NPCs of that class.

As with any House Rules, these might be adjusted over time.


It is a sad fact that in Pathfinder, Rouges are under-powdered. This is due partly to a reliance on old D&D design wherein Rogues were more about skills and party utility than combat. But let’s face it, the vast majority of real-time game-time is spent on the ol’ initiative tracker.

Similar classes, like Ranger, have kept up with their portrayal in other media to become badssses, but Rogues still struggle to get into position for a Sneak Attack, often tumbling through all sorts of pain and leaving their unarmored selves exposed to enemy flanking.

So here are a couple simple buffs for Rogues, to hopefully help them keep up in combat.

Fighting Style

At 1st level, the Rogue receives one of the following as a free Feat:

Finesse Fighting

When wielding a ranged weapon, or any weapon that benefits from Weapon Finesse, a Rogue may add his DEX modifier to his damage rolls, the way Strength-based fighters use their STR. This damage bonus is multiplied on a critical hit.

Class changes

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