Between bouts of monster-slaying and wrong-righting, the Heroes of Sandpoint must hone their skills, enchant their items, sell their booty (wait…), and perhaps invest in the communities they help.

These rules cover how adventurers can spend their non-adventuring days preparing for exploits to come. Using a new kind of currency called Capital, you will assist the locals, build new structures, recruit volunteers for projects, and much more.

Downtime contents

Downtime Phases
Downtime Activities
Rooms and Teams

Downtime Lexicon

  • Building – A physical structure you buy or create. Buildings are composed of Rooms
    • Room – A space with a designated purpose that serves as part of a Building; Certain Buildings must contain certain Rooms to fulfill their function
  • Build Points (BP) – BP is the currency used in Kingdom-Building, and may be spent as part of your Downtime. BP is a combination of Labor, Goods, Influence, and Presitge
  • Business – A building or organization that helps you earn Capital
  • Capital – The resource you spend during Downtime, normally divided among the four categories below, but also including time and money
    • Goods – Physical items necessary for an activity, which vary per activity
    • Influence – Your ability to get locals to use their skills and perform favors to help you in your tasks
    • Labor – Workers willing to accomplish physical tasks
    • Magic – Arcane power at your disposal when performing Downtime activities
  • Day – Most Downtime activities require at least 1 day, so days are the primary way time is measured in the Downtime system.
  • Followers – Usually gained through the Leadership feat, count as a type of Labor that is not expended when used
  • Gold Pieces (GP) Normal in-game money, a combination of platinum, gold, silver, and copper currency. Most Downtime activities round their costs and profits to the nearest silver piece (SP)
  • Organization – A group of people under your command. Organizations are made up of specialized Teams
    • Team – A group of individuals dedicated to a specific task within an Organization — as with Buildings and Rooms, Organizations must contain certain Teams to function


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