House Rules

Staying on Track

Like any group of friends, we all want to chat and catch up at games. Unfortunately, this does make it difficult to make a lot of progress during any one session.

As I am just as guilty as everyone else, I am hereby deputizing everyone at the table to make sure we stay on track.

If we are off-topic, any player who gets us back on-topic will earn 25XP for the whole group and a free stunt-point on their next die-roll.

Further stunting on that action will raise the stunt by whatever amount the GM says, so getting us back on track, then pulling a +1 stunt will net you a +2 stunt on your next action, with all the benefits that implies.

I encourage players to be aggressive about this. Speak up as soon as you notice the table drifting off-course.

Only players benefit from this rule. If I get us back on-track, that’s just me doing my job.

Stamina Breaks

To counter the stricter control of off-topic chatter, I’d like to start taking official breaks to recharge our batteries.

At player request or my own suggestion, I’ll allow one (timed) five-minute break during each combat, which players can suggest at any time, plus two ten-minute breaks when out of combat, to relax and have some designated chatting time.

These are the times when we should be prepping food/drinks, taking longer bathroom breaks, and generally not being around.

People are still welcome to get up and do their thing, especially if it isn’t their turn. But if we’re not on a break and your turn comes up while you’re away, you’ll get bumped back on initiative until you return. You can miss your turn this way if a round ends before you’re back.

This isn’t going to be viciously strict. We’ll call for you and give you some grace rather than rob you of a chance to act. And the randomized initiative makes it a bit risky to get up.

If you know what you want to do, but worry you’ll miss your chance, just tell a fellow player and hand him your sheet before you go.

Note: Next time players bring food that requires preparation, at least a few of us should take part in the preparation during one of our breaks. It shouldn’t be Julia (and Stacy) kitchening it up while us mans perforate the bovine. That’s mostly on me for keeping things running rather than stopping to help out.

House Rules

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