Through the course of their escapades, many adventurers find themselves in rulers of tribes, cities, kingdoms, or even sprawling empires.

These rules turn running a civilization into a game unto itself, letting you build cities and engage your neighbors in diplomacy, trade, and war.


The Kingdom-Building rules measure terrain in hexes measuring 12 miles from corner to corner, an area just under 95 square miles.

Kingdom-Building Contents

Founding a Kingdom
Leadership Roles
Build Points
Kingdom Turn Sequence
Territory Concerns
Settlements and Districts

Kingdom-Building Lexicon


Kingdoms have Alignments, which you may decide in the case of new Kingdoms, or which are already assigned if you take over an established kingdom. Alignment represents how most citizens will behave in a group.

Alignments modify a kingdom’s statistics thus:

  • Chaotic: +2 Loyalty
  • Evil: +2 Economy
  • Good: +2 Loyalty
  • Lawful: +2 Economy
  • Neutral: +2 Stability (apply twice for True Neutral)

Build Points (BP)

BP measure your Kingdom’s resources, a combination of all the types of Capital.

A Kingdom uses BP to acquire new hexes and build buildings, settlements, and terrain improvements. BP are also spent to maintain the Kingdom.


The number of BP required to keep a Kingdom functioning each month.
Your Kingdom’s base Consumption is its size, but this figure is modified by Settlements, Buildings, and Terrain Improvements.

Control DC

The unmodified target number for any D20 + modifiers roll to perform certain Kingdom actions. Unless otherwise stated, all Kingdom checks use Control DC.

Base Control DC = 20 + Size + number of districts in all settlements + special modifiers


Overall strength of the Kingdom’s trade and workforce, including information, innovation, and technology.

Initial Economy = 0 + Aligment modifiers + Leadership Modifiers

Kingdom Check

Many Kingdom Actions and Events require a Kingdom Check using your Kingdom’s Economy, Loyalty, or Stability as the base attribute (D20 + Economy/Loyalty/Stability + modifiers).

You cannot take 10 or 20 on a Kingdom Check.

Kingdom Checks fail automatically on a nat1 and succeed automatically on a nat20.


The goodwill of your people for their Kingdom, and their willingness to live peacably together or fight for each other.

Initial Loyalty = 0 + Aligment modifiers + Leadership Modifiers


The wellbeing of your Kingdom, its citizens’ health and security, the richness of its natural resources, and its ability to best use thereof.

Initial Stability = 0 + Aligment modifiers + Leadership Modifiers


The total BP your Kingdom has saved and can spend on activities. Unrest will increase if your Treasury falls below 0.


A full Kingdom Turn spans 1 month of in-game time. All Kingdom checks and decisions are made at the end of each month.


The rebelliousness of your citizens. Subtracted Unrest from all Economy, Loyalty, and Stability checks.

Initial Unrest is 0 and can never fall lower.

If your Unrest rises to 11 or higher, your Kingdom will begin to lose control of claimed hexes.

A Kingdom where Unrest reaches 20 falls into Anarchy.


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