Lorefinder conversion

At Matt’s suggestion, we have started using the Lorefinder rules expansion to switch from a investigations that hinge in blind luck to those that reward creative use of skills.

Below, you’ll find the guide to converting a Pathfinder character to Lorefinder. Hereafter, all Lorefinder page numbers will be listed as “LF#.”

No skills to pay the bills


Redo all your skills to fit the Lorefinder rules.

Skills are now split into two main categories:

  • Investigative skills – Three subcategories. Many of these replace old skills.
    • Cunning
    • Interpersonal
    • Lore
  • General Skills – Everything left over that’s not used in investigations

Choose your investigative skills

All characters begin play with a certain number of Investigative Skills, determined by the size of the party.

In our case, a group of five or more begins with 13 points per member.

All characters gain an additional Investigative Skill point at levels:
2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20

Thus, everyone should currently have (13 + 2 = 15) points.

Choose your general skills

Choose your character’s level’s-worth ofGeneral Skills. Each class’s General Skills per level is lower than their raw skills per level as described in the corebook.

Unless listed below, please see the Lorefinder book for what your new class General Skills are.

Reminder: Add your INT modifier to each level’s worth of skill points, and your favored class bonus if you forego the 1 HP per level

General skill points per level by class

  • Barbarian: 3
  • Cleric: 1 (see LF10 for Domain bonuses)
  • Fighter: 1
  • Gunslinger: 3
    • Class skills: Acrobatics, Climb, Craft, Handle Animal, Heal, Perception, Ride, Sleight of Hand, Survival, Swim
  • Magus: 1
    • Class skills: Climb, Craft, Fly, Ride, Spellcraft, Swim, Use Magic Device
  • Rogue/Ninja: 6
    • A Ninja has the same General skills as a Rogue
  • Summoner: 1
    • Class skills: Craft, Fly, Handle Animal, Ride, Spellcraft, Use Magic Device
  • Wizard: 1

Apply Lorefinder racial traits.

Lorefinder has specific rules for each of the core races. Please see below for conversions of other races.

  • Aasimar: +1 rank in Diplomacy and Search
  • Dhampirs +1 rank in Bluff, and retain their +2 ranks in Perception
  • Elves: See LF8
  • Fetchlings: + rank in Planar (Lore), and retain their +2 ranks in Stealth

Boost your stereo

Choose 2 Investigative skills listed under your class to boost.

Unless listed below, your boosted skills are in the book. In general, you may choose your Boosted skills from those Investigative Skills which used to be Class General skills

before conversion.

  • Magus: Intimidate, Arcana, Dungeoneering, Planar Lore, Profession
  • Gunslinger: Bluff, Intimidate, Engineering, Local Knowledge, Profession, Battlefield Scout
  • Ninja: Same as Rogue (LF11)
  • Summoner: Linguistics, Arcana, Profession, Culture, Nature, Planar Lore, Religion

Drive yourself

Choose a Drive for your character. Drives are listed on LF12. Elves have access to a unique Drive called Intervention.

Feats and Spells

See “Changed Feats” on LF12 to see if any of your Feats have been altered by Lorefinder.

One time only, you may choose to replace any one Feat you’ve taken with one of the New Feats from the bottom of pg. 12 for which you qualify. If you wish to choose additional

Investigative feats, you may do so in the course of play.

The following classes may add the following feats to their class bonus Feats:

  • Fighter: Battlefield Scout
  • Gunslinger: Battlefield Scout
  • Rogue/Ninja: Bonus Boost

Magic users, please see LF23 to check if any of your spells are altered by Lorefinder.

If you qualify for any of the new spells that begin on LF24, you may switch them in for another spell of equal level on your list.

Lorefinder conversion

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