When you take an action, you can earn a one-time bonus for that action by performing a “stunt,” that is, describing the action in a cool and cinematic way.

Players may still only stunt once per combat round.

Level 1 (S1)

Until 5th level, any colorful description will earn you a +1 to a skill check, hit roll, or +2 to a damage roll. In combat, you must declare whether you apply the bonus to hit or damage before you roll to hit.

Spellcasters, describing your spell’s effect will earn you +1 to hit or +2 to damage as with an attack, +1 to your spell’s save DC, or +2 HP healed.

You may also creatively describe a defensive maneuver against one single attack and earn either +1 to your AC OR -2 to the enemy’s damage roll (which will negate 1 damage entirely.) You may attempt your stunt after the GM rolls the enemy attack, but must take the -2 to damage if you don’t get my attention before I declare a hit, as I only rarely call retroactive misses.

Note that you may only stunt once per combat round, so you cannot do so on both offense and defense. Also note that we ain’t got ALL the live-long day for you to chant an epic poem about how you swing your mace, so keep descriptions concise.

Level 2 (S2)

The second level of stunt (hereafter S2,) available at character level 5 onwards, offers greater rewards for more interesting descriptions.

To qualify for an S2, you must describe your character’s interaction with the world, rather than the character’s actions in a vacuum. So, while S1 tells the table how you cast your spell/swing your sword/fire your gun, S2 makes use of the environment, the reaction of NPCs and allies, or the events that enabled the action.

Note that while we played fast-and-loose with S1, you MUST confirm with the GM if your stunt qualifies as S2.

The benefits of S2 are as follows:


  • +2 to skill checks
  • +2 on rolls to hit with attacks or spells, +2 on Spell Save difficulties, OR +4 to damage dealt or healed
  • +2 to your AC or -4 to an enemy’s damage roll


  • Spell Recall: Cast any known spell of spell level 1 or 2, above and beyond normal spells per day. Only one spell of a given spell level can be recalled this way per scene.
  • Metamagic: Cast a spell with a single Metamagic adjustment with a level increase no higher than +1. This effect works as a Rod, allowing the spell to be cast at its normal spell level.

For a single action, you may use one feat you do not know. You must qualify for the feat and use it in its normal fashion.

Inner Reserves
Once per game, may regain a 1 of the following resources:
1 Ki, 1 Grit, 1 Barbarian Rage, 1 Channel Energy


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