Glittering Prizes

Below is a list of all treasure the party has acquired since we got on Obsidian Portal, listed by date, latest to earliest.


East Gate

Potion of Reduce person {1st/1st}: 50gp
Potion of Protection from Chaos {1st/1st}: 50gp
Potion of Protection from Law {1st/1st}: 50gp
Mwk Buckler: 165gp
101 GP

Old Guard Tower

Darkwood buckler: 205gp
Potion of Delay poison {2nd/3rd}: 300gp
Mundane equipment: 350gp
Potion of Flame arrow {3rd/5th}: 750gp
Arcane Scroll, Lightning bolt {3rd/5th}: 375gp
Earrings: 47gp
Carnelian: 25gp
Smoky quartz: 12gp
Rose quartz: 23gp
Hematite: 2gp
Tigereye: 1gp
pp: 3
gp: 52
sp: 220
cp: 600

Cook House

Water clock: 638gp
Masterwork Shield, light wooden: 153gp
Masterwork Whip: 301gp
Masterwork Silver Sling staff, halfling: 320gp
Shield, light steel +1 : 1159gp
Shortbow, composite: 88gp
Noble’s outfit: 68gp
Masterwork Shield, light wooden: 153gp
Gauntlet, spiked: 4gp
Barrel (empty): 3gp
Arcane Scroll, True strike {1st/1st}: 25gp
Spear: 3gp
Pick, miner’s: 3gp
Red spinel: 58gp
Armbands: 180gp
Blue quartz: 7gp
Coral: 64gp
Obsidian: 1gp
Blue quartz: 2gp
Rhodochrosite: 1gp
Tigereye: 1gp
Agate: 1gp
pp: 10.9
gp: 164
sp: 730
cp: 1900

South Gate

Lock, Good: 83gp
Arcane Scroll, Lightning bolt {3rd/5th}: 375gp
Masterwork Chainmail: 300gp
Hand of the Mage: 900gp
Potion of Magic Fang {1st/1st}: 50gp
Potion of Cure Light Wounds {1st/1st}: 50gp
Barrel (empty): 2gp
Deep green spinel: 72gp
Ring: 104gp
Peridot: 21gp
Star rose quartz: 19gp
Azurite: 1gp
Freshwater (irregular) pearl: 3gp
pp: 6
gp: 105
sp: 440
cp: 1100

New Barracks

Freshwater (irregular) pearl: 9gp
Turquoise: 1gp
Turquoise: 1gp
Agate: 2gp
Obsidian: 1gp
Malachite: 2gp
Rhodochrosite: 1gp
Agate: 1gp
gp: 12
sp: 40
cp: 100


Curve blade, Elven: 64gp
Masterwork Sling: 300gp
Masterwork Shield, heavy steel: 170gp
Potion of Bless weapon {1st/1st}: 50gp
Curve blade, Elven 80 gp: 60gp
Potion of Animate Rope {1st/1st}: 50gp
Bolts, crossbow (10): 1gp
Monk’s outfit: 3gp
Artisan’s outfit: 1gp
Hammer, light: 1gp
Rock crystal (clear quartz): 12gp
Bloodstone: 42g
Rhodochrosite: 6gp
Bracelet: 28gp
pp: 2
gp: 45
sp: 170
cp: 500

Gragavan Kreeg

Ogre Hook 1
Hide Armor +1
Masterwork Composite Long Bow (
7 Str)
20 arrows


Potion of Levitate {2nd/3rd}: 300gp
Lock, Superior: 207gp
Grappling hook: 1gp
Glaive: 9gp
Shield, light wooden: 2gp
Axe, throwing: 10gp
Handaxe: 9gp
Scale, merchant’s: 2gp
Earrings: 34gp
Jasper: 31gp
Tigereye: 2gp
Freshwater (irregular) pearl: 1gp
pp: 2
gp: 30
sp: 130
cp: 400

Armory, 1st floor

Feather token, bird: 300gp
Rhodochrosite: 7gp
Rhodochrosite: 2gp
Lapis lazuli: 2gp
Agate: 3gp
Lapis lazuli: 9gp
Bloodstone: 14gp
Turquoise: 1gp
pp: 1
gp: 17
sp: 80
cp: 200


Potion of Blur {2nd}: 300gp
Arcane Scroll, Blink {3rd}: 375gp
Arcane Scroll, Acid Splash {0th}: 12gp
Fishing net, 25 sq. ft.: 6gp
Padded Armor: 6gp
Javelin 1 gp: 1gp
Smoky quartz: 33gp
Azurite: 9gp
Peridot: 33gp
Rock crystal (clear quartz): 12gp
Tigereye: 1gp
pp: 2
gp: 45
sp: 170
cp: 500

Silas Kreeg

Ogre Hook 1
Hide Armor +1
Masterwork Composite Long Bow (
7 Str) (Astrid can ALMOST use this… let’s save it)
20 arrows


Potion of Cure serious wounds {3rd}: 750gp
Masterwork Scimitar: 315gp
Masterwork Leather Armor: 160gp
Climber’s kit: 98gp
Masterwork Club: 300gp
Feather token, Fan: 200gp
Bolts, crossbow (10): 1gp
Net: 28gp
Chest (empty): 3gp [+]
Greatclub: 5gp
White pearl: 56gp
Amber: 53gp
Sardonyx: 47gp
Chalcedony: 45gp
Sard: 24gp
Turquoise: 7gp
Obsidian: 1gp
pp: 6
gp: 114
sp: 460
cp: 1200

Jaagrath Kreeg

Potion of Cure Serious Wounds x2
+1 Human Bane Ogre Hook
Bracers of Armor +2
Belt of Giant Strength +4 (Astrid claims this offering up her Belt of Strength +2 to anyone who wants it)

Commander’s Quarters

Crossbow, repeating, light: 468gp
Masterwork Banded Mail: 400gp
Potion of Erase {1st}: 50gp
Arcane Scroll, Charm Monster {4th}: 700gp
Rope, silk (50 ft.): 10gp
Saddle, Exotic Riding 30 gp: 20gp
Javelin: 1gp
Pouch, belt (empty): 1gp
Rock crystal (clear quartz): 41gp
Aquamarine: 111gp
Bracelet: 145gp
Azurite: 1gp
Hematite: 1gp
Rhodochrosite: 1gp
pp: 9
gp: 135
sp: 600
cp: 1500


Potion of Protection from Good: 50gp
Everburning Torch: 144gp
Potion of Resistance {0th}: 25gp
Arrows (20): 1gp [+] (Astrid takes these as well, since she’s the only person with a bow)
Bloodstone: 13gp
Turquoise: 10gp
Obsidian: 1gp
Malachite: 2gp
Tigereye: 2gp
gp: 20
sp: 50
cp: 200

Lucrecia’s Retreat

Feather token, bird: 300gp
Divine Scroll, Bull’s strength {3rd}: 150gp
Arcane Scroll, Deep slumber {3rd}: 375gp
Noble’s outfit: 58gp
Flail, dire: 84gp
Lock, Good 80 gp: 85gp
Potion of Protection from evil {1st}: 50gp
Ram, portable 10 gp: 7gp
Padded Armor 5 gp: 3gp
Trident 15 gp: 17gp
Rope, hemp (50 ft.): 1gp
Musical instrument, common: 3gp
Fishing net, 25 sq. ft.: 7gp
Bracelet: 23gp
Chrysoprase: 23gp
Tigereye: 8gp
Rose quartz: 16gp
Bloodstone: 26gp
Zircon: 43gp
Rhodochrosite: 2gp
Blue quartz: 2gp
pp: 4
gp: 66
sp: 280
cp: 800

Map Room

Map – Smugglers’ Tunnels beneath Riddleport: 50 GP to smugglers
Map – First few levels of Viperwall: 400 GP to adventurers
Map – Hidden paths within Lurkwood: 700 GP to explorers


Secret Armory, Fort Rannick

x6 Shocking Burst Arrows +2 – 160G each, 960G total (Astrid currently has these and has not used any of them)
Longbow – 82G
Lock – 82G
Dagger, pearl inlay – 3G
Bell – 1G
Obsidian – 9G
Rhodochrosite – 4G
Malachite – 1G
Turquoise – 4G
Obsidian – 2G
19 GP
50 SP


Rukus Graul

+1 Spear
Belt of Giant Strength +2

Crowfood Graul

+1 Ogre Hook
Ring of Protection +1
Amulet of Natural Armor +1

Hucker Graul

x1 Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
Hide Shirt +1
Ogre Hook +1
Amulet of Natural Armor +1

Mammy Graul

x1 Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
Wand of Magic Missile (44 charges)
Wand of Ray of Enfeeblement (28 charges)
Wand of Vampiric Touch (33 charges)
Amulet of Health +2
x2 Varisian Idol (Consumable; Grant summoned monsters 2HP X HD if used as component), 50GP each

Graul Attic

x5 Flask of Acid
x3 Masterwork Thieves’ Tools


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