Rise of the Runelords

Father Anselmo makes his morning prayer

“By the dawn’s light make us honest and good. Let Fenker rest in peace in a realm beyond this one. Give me the faith to bless the Rannick crypt so it will remain always a safe place to honor the valiant dead.”

“Guide me that I might have the wisdom to help Astrid find peace with the demons that with she wrestles. Instill your divine resilience unto the walls that be raised so that those wicked who are beyond redemption may beat upon them like the raging tide.”

“Thank you for my small part in helping guide Nolan to a place where he could find a new purpose. Let his wisdom and experience and not his love for whiskey be bestowed upon his recruits.”

“Bless Hellewise and her strong moral character which keeps her in this unwelcoming place. And bless those – living or dead – who decided Fort Rannick needed a book repository. Help her share her extensive knowledge with the people of this area.”

“Help the people of Turtleback Ferry see that Dairian’s ferver is his manifistation of his devotion to protecting them.”

“Grant me the words to help Rhodis understand the disrespect unnatural animation of a corpse shows to what were once living caring creatures.”

“Thank you again for the life of Heather Meers, without your grace she would be just another number. Now, instead she is has become a servant of good. Help me use our common pasts to make sure she does not become lost as I once did.”

“Blessed is the dawn.”


Foxcalibur Foxcalibur

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