Rise of the Runelords

Hellewise's Diary - Sidequest

A report came in from Vale that the ogres were moving down from the hook again. Finally, something to occupy me that involved the use of my arcane skill set. The Book Repository, while it is still of interest of me, does little to sate my desire to flex my magical prowess. However, things didn’t quite go as we expected.

Instead of ogres, we came across the strange site of a miniature knight riding a blink dog. They were being pursued by a pack of dire wolves and looked rather worse for ware. Thankfully, I came perfectly prepared for a rescue, and thinking quickly, I flew over to the pair and opened a portal back to the boat. The dog was affected by a nasty curse that I did not recognize, which I was able to remove with the help of Davik and Darian. The dog remained incapacitated for the remainder of the day.

The little man (later known as Drok) who was with the blink dog (later known as Kiva) appears to be some sort of magical construct. He cannot speak and communicates only via gestures and expressions. His eyes are alarming. Two gold coins bearing the Sihedron Rune of Thessalon. Kiva says the coins are how she activated him. I want to examine him further but he is understandably hesitant. I may ask again once we become better acquainted.

Kiva then told us about the Artifact. She and Drok took it from a group of Dwarves they encountered and buried it for safe keeping. The three of us managed to recover it, blasting some unfortunate harpies in the process. It apprears to be an artifact of Ancient Thessalon. I will be investigating its purpose further in the coming days. More to come.


Foxcalibur JuliaFleming

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